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Medex quiere agradecer a los siguientes colaboradores por sus contribuciones escritas:

Damien Bailey

The Joints / Muscles

Denzil Broadhurst

Finding out about High Altitude, What is High Altitude, Where in the World is High?, Europe, North & South America, Africa, Asia, Acclimatisation, The Effects of Altitude, Acute Mountain Sickness

Mike Brookes

What to do in an Emergency

Keith Burgess


Simon Currin


Gerald Dubowitz

The Heart / Blood, Sleep

David Geddes

The Mouth / Teeth

Sandra Green

The Joints / Muscles

David Hillebrandt

HAPE, HACE, The Stomach / Bowels, The Kidney / Bladder, The Reproductive Bits

Mark Howarth

The Eyes, Healthy Environment

Olly Kemp

The Lungs

Juliette Levement

The Lungs, Sleep

Mandy Jones


Ian Manovel

Pills & Potions

Alex Martin-Bates

Pre-Existing Conditions

Dan Morris

The Eyes

Stephan Sanders

Children at High Altitude

Eli Silber

The Brain

Chris Smith

Europe, HAPE, HACE, Porters, Healthy Environment

Jill Sutclife

Healthy Environment

Henriette Van Ruiten

The Extremities

Catharine Wilson

Africa, Australasia, Antarctica, Acute Mountain Sickness, The Lungs

Jeremy Windsor

The Ears / Nose, Oxygen

Medex  quiere agradecer a los siguientes colaboradores por los estudios de casos individuales:

Jim Duff, Gill Macquarie, Martin Rhodes, Ronnie Robb, Jacky Smith

Medex quiere agradecer a los siguientes colaboradores por sus fotografías:

Bruce Bricknell Page 33

Denzil Broadhurst Page 17,23

Simon Currin Page iii,9,10, Back cover

Diana Depla Page 24

Gerald Dubowitz Page 12,14,20,26,41

Rachel Hamilton Page 6

David Hillebrandt Page 25,27

Annabel Nickol Page 7

Gill Macquarie Page 4,40

Nick Mason Page 2

Ronnie Robb Page 13

Stephan Sanders Page 1,3

Dorje Sherpa Page 8

Chris Smith Front cover, Page ii,5,11,15,19,21,22,28,30,31,39

Jacky Smith Page 29

Catharine Wilson Page 42

Jim Duff Page 35

Medex también quiere agradecer a:

All those who commented on the booklet drafts

The UIAA for their supporting grant


General: Denzil Broadhurst, Chris Smith

Medical: Simon Currin, David Hillebrandt, Jim Milledge, Paul Richards

Spanish translation by: Monica Piris Chávarri


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