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The Main Signs

Trouble breathing.
Tired & weary.
Froth and later blood in spit.
Lips, tongue, nails become blue.

HAPE can develop in 1-2 hours or over several days and even when descending.

Can they?

Has there been recent ascent?
Does it take a long time to get breath back after exercise?
Are they breathless when resting?
Is the breathing rate increasing?

What to do

Stay with the person at all times - do not leave them on their own.
Descend now - not later or in the morning.
Sit upright and keep warm.
Give oxygen via cylinder or pressure bag if you have it.
Give nifedipine if you have it.
Give acetazolomide if you have it.
If really unable to descend - prolonged use of a pressure bag may be needed.


Breathing stops.

In serious cases death can occur within as little as an hour of symptoms being noticed.

Remember it is possible to have AMS, HACE and HAPE at the same time.


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