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“Rescuers found four pupils in a state of cardiac arrest and their teacher unconscious, police told local media.
The group of about 10 students had been skiing in the Les Deux Alpes area on a piste that was closed to the public at the time, Le Dauphine reported.”
Says a lot

Thanks for your thoughts on this. I’m slightly confused. The card (attached from the June 2015 letter) still refers to a 35 min burial time as being the cut off time but in your notes you say that it has changed to 60 mins. Can you explain?

Dear All, I have publicised the new ICAR avalanche guidelines with the new flowchart and a reference to the 2013 Resuscitation paper. I then started to write a simple outline for the British Mountain Guides newsletter and realised that, despite being an observer on the ICAR Medcom and listening to the hard work and debate that has gone into the flowchart I was still slightly confused. I have discussed this with John Ellerton from ICAR Medcom and I am now slightly clearer but thought I would share my thoughts with those who are interested.
The article is written for guides but I think is applicable to diploma holders. It should be particularly relevant to those on the advanced diploma ski courses and on the Scottish module.
Feedback via this E mail group would be useful and will get fed back to ICAR Medcom. (see below)

Post Author: Simon Currin