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Finding out about High Altitude

This booklet has been put together by two linked organisations with an interest in high altitude travel and high altitude medicine.

Medical Expeditions’ aims are:
To investigate all aspects of altitude related Illness.
To educate mountaineers and trekkers and their doctors about the nature and avoidance of altitude related illness.
Established in 1992, it has acquired an internationally respected reputation for its research and educational work.
Medical Expeditions specialises in researching on relatively large sample groups over a long period of time. A typical expedition is comprised of 75 members exposed to altitude for 6 weeks.

Medex is a club which organises adventurous expeditions worldwide and supports the work of Medical Expeditions. It provides a link between those who have an interest in adventure and in adventure medicine. Medex has run successful expeditions to Everest in 1994, Kangchenjunga in 1998 and Hongu in 2003.
To find out more about what we do, or to join us, please take a look at our website.

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