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In 1991 some doctors interested in mountain medicine saw a young, fit climber die on the Mera La. The doctor with him knew little about the risks of severe altitude mountain sickness.

The tragedy inspired the doctors to study altitude illness and share this information with others. The organisation ‘Medical Expeditions’ was born with this as its mission.

Ten years later, again high on the Mera La, Medical Expeditions’ members saw an elderly Japanese lady slip into a coma and die, having been left behind by her friends. Another life was lost. Despite all the research and education there is still much that needs to be done to save such lives.
Since the early 1990s members of Medical Expeditions have, along with others, been busy studying mountain medicine.

They have done their best to improve the knowledge of doctors responsible for, or advising, people travelling at altitude. This book looks at the effects that travelling at altitude can have on your body and aims to help you to understand why you may not feel well or get ill. It suggests ways to avoid illness and suggests what you should do if you get an altitude related illness. Our own experiences and real cases have been used as examples.

The deaths on the Mera La were caused by going to high altitude, but both could have been avoided had simple rules been followed.
Medical Expeditions is teaching doctors about high altitude illness and wants others to learn about it too.
This book is our best attempt at helping everyone to stay healthy travelling at altitude.

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